Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pakistan out of control, what's the hope?

The murderers are roaming in the streets of Pakistan killing and dictating what others can or cannot do. The role of government is to protect citizens and ensure their safety, what is the government doing about it? What is holding the military to descend in each town and pick up these murderers? Is anyone of these men charged with murder, jailed or punished yet? Is there any accountability?

Do you think if these dudes become a menace and threaten Nawaz Shariff, and the Military Chief, they will Re-act and fix the problem? What is your hope?

Mike Ghouse

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Pakistani American Doctor's Organization Is a Model of Pluralism and Is Worthy of Emulating


They had every reason to celebrate, what was a normal thing for them was an extraordinary thing to an outsider; the group demonstrated a working model of a cohesive organization that functions effectively with its given diversity.
Dr. Vasdev Lohano, the outgoing president of the association and I had a brief conversation during a break, and I am pleased to share the gist of it. Talking about the cohesiveness of his organization, his pride came through in these words, "Culture trumps religion and binds us together with language, customs, heritage, arts etc. We should focus our energies to promote culture to create harmony among each other. I have seen so many times people forget who you are, if you start talking with them in their language."

APPKI is a blessed organization with a blessed membership; it was great to see Dr. Vasdev Lohano as President of the organization, a Hindu, representing less than 2 percent of the membership, but yet, the Muslim majority elected him as its president. Indeed, when President Obama was elected as President on November 4, 2008, the whole world cried with joy, including me, to see an America where all of God's children (creation) are valued for who they are and what they can do.