Friday, April 12, 2013

Mannu Mehta and Indian Member of the Pakistan Society

As an Individual involved in the communities, literally in every community, I am pleased to present my personal point of view on the issue of whether an Indian Mannu Mehta can become a member of the Pakistan Society of North Texas.

The PSNT, PAAT, IANT (India), BANT (Bangladesh), Nepalese and Sri Lankans are all Desi cultural associations. God forbid if India and Pakistan were to go to war, but if that happens,  I will guarantee you that PSNT and IANT will not go to war here in Dallas.

Indeed, there were three stupid’s among the community here in Dallas, and one of them pushed hard to disqualify Najma (my late wife, and a big time Pakistani) from running for the President of PSNT – he talked with me and her, and was pushing the idea that since I am an Indian, I will influence her… like I would tell her not to declare war on Indians in Dallas, how dumb and stupid can one be! I should have told him to take his rats ass somewhere else other than Dallas, I did not, out of respect for Najma.

The India Association has many Pakistanis actively participating, in the beginning a few ugly Indians opposed it, but heck, they were the fringe elements, just like there are among Pakistanis and among the Republicans, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews and others.

I run this forum Dallas Pakistanis for the last ten years, the only stable forum for the period, and I had lent my office for major planning meetings of PSNT in the late nineties…  every now and then some stupid will cry foul, but apparently some good common sense Pakistani will tell him to shut the eff-up. This is just a service – no remuneration and no advertisement of my business either. There are way too many good people in Dallas who do the good work for nothing back; it is a joy to do that. ( I run Dallas Indians, Dallas Nepalese, Dallas Bangladeshi and Dallas Sri Lankan groups)

The shining examples of be-lous- khidmatgaars are  Dr. Amanualllah Khan and Amir Rupani in Dallas, and I am sure there are others too.... they have funded many events in Dallas - but have never asked or influenced anyone to do things for them or give them the time on the stage or even asked to mention their name... that is the kind of men and women we need; 

The Non-Profit charters cannot prevent any American from becoming a member of any organization; however, individuals choose to be or not to be a member. No one can stop you from becoming a member of American, Canadian, Hispanic, Black or French Chambers of commerce. The only restrictions if you don't feel  in with them. I am a life member of Punjabi Cultural association as well, but rarely do I participate - I understand light Punjabi, but not every word, I am a life member of Hindi and Kannada associations, and I go there when I can, as I speak both the languages. I wish we had a great non-political non-khusur-pusur urdu association, thats is where my heart is. One of these days, it will come alive.

I am glad to see Mannu Mehta as a Member, the more good things we do together, the more examples we can set for others and some day, this example will make people in India and Pakistan think about it.

I tip my hat for PSNT and urge PAAT to bring others, including the Caucasian, African Americans, Bangladeshi, Indian and other Americans into the fold. Fanaticism decreases when diversity increase – diversity is God’s plan.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India, interfaith, and cohesion at work place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at He believes in Standing up for others and has done that throughout his life as an activist. Mike has a presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News; fortnightly at Huffington post; and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes his work through many links.