Monday, March 11, 2013

Shaping Pakistan


You can cause these sensible voices to reach out to more people that will have an impact on the society at large. There have been many good people, but with their own agenda for power. If you look at the successes of people in the history- they did not want anything for themselves and did not have any agenda for themselves. Tahirul Qadri is doomed for having his own perceived agenda, rather than an agenda for Pakistan. Imran Khan seems to have an agenda for Pakistan, but he has not shown any boldness when bad incidents happen, he is waiting for what others say and then shares his take, that is deficiency in having guts.


The successful leader of Pakistani will be someone who has an agenda for Pakistani people and uplifting them economically and socially without anything for himself. If that person appears on the scene, the public will be behind him or her. Any one will succeed if he or she does not have anything to gain but focus on getting Pakistan out of doldrums. This someone will focus on training more people to become able leaders, and he or she is not there for the long haul, and some one who does not have the arrogance to believe that he alone can save Pakistan.

This may be the first time, that the Pakistan Admin has responded to an incident like Joseph Town, and this must be the response to every civil disturbance. They need to act the same when Shia, Ahmadiyya and Hindu communities are harassed to earn credibility. Round up the bad guys as individuals and not give them labels like JI, LeJ etc.. It puts a damper on tensions, people are willing to cheer beating up bad guys, but if you give them an affiliation or a label,  then you have created a division. It's not against bad guys anymore but against a group.

 We can blame Bush for unleashing misery and terror in the world and causing all the death and destruction. Had he done what Obama did, just get the bad guy Bin Laden and the world would have cheered for him and none of the destruction of America and the world would have happened. But blaming others does not solve Pakistan's issues.

 Just go back to 1960 - Pakistan was a fine country! People were great! What happened then? The Zia Bhutto combine are the criminals of Pakistan, they completely brainwashed Pakistanis to believe what they did not believe before 1960. The discrimination against Bengalis, the Hudood laws, the breakup of the nation, and dividing society and pitching one Pakistani against the other. 

Can someone Un-brainwash Pakistanis and restore them to pre-60? They got along fine, the prosperity was there. What is needed is unselfish leaders who can have people focus on what can they do together as individuals for the nation. Someone who can get them off in making other people's life difficult based on Religion.

Some one who has the balls to tell that what you believe is between you and God - and no one is responsible for the other. Whether you are a Christian, Deobandi, Ahmadiyya, Barelavi, Ahle-sunnat,  Shia, Wahhabi, Hindu, Parsee or a Jew,  each one is responsible for his or her own Aamals, and not you. You have no business in the matters of other's faith, let them believe what they believe. For God's sake back off from hounding others with blasphemy, khatimun nabiyeen, apostasy, idol worship, dargah worship and other issues. Because you are not responsible for what one believes, and you have no GD business in meddling with others belief, live your own.

Hamid Mir's piece below is good, while Qadeer khans appeal will hit his fans big time. The more of them speak the greater impact it will have in correcting the course. A movement of good speakers, a movement of leaders who care about Pakistan needs to be encouraged to speak.

I hope Raja Khan Zada, Sajjad Azhar and others from DFW can upload a lot of good in the Pakistani Papers they represent, and TV in Pakistan. This is the least the Dallas Pakistanis can do to focus on well being of all people. I hope Safeee-e-Pakistan will beam back that unified message to Pakistan as well on the March 23.


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Inshallah, we will raise voice against this madness !

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