Sunday, March 10, 2013

Many faces, one Pakistan

I am pleased to share the following positive upbeat presentation about Pakistan. Thanks to Mian Waheed for sharing this at the World Muslim Congress forum. It is indeed uplifting, given the situation in Pakistan.

It can be converted into a good power point presentation, and I will be happy to do that if needed for the Pakistan Day Celebrations on 23rd.

 ……. …

  • The founder of this Country was a Shia 
  • The man who gave you the first cricket world cup was a Pathan
  • The Prime Minister who started Pakistan's Nuclear Program was a Sindhi
  • The singer who single handedly made Pakistan's music admired globally was a Punjabi
  • The Pilot who shot down 5 Indian fighter Jets within a minute was a Bengali
  • The person who serves humanity without any discrimination is a Memon
  • The general who defended Pakistan after the Indian attack in the Battle of Chawinda was a Hazara
  • The only Nobel Prize winner of Pakistan was an Ahmedi
  • The Cricketer who took you to victory against India in India in 2005 test was a Hindu
  • The only Pakistani to reach the status of becoming an advisor of United Nations   Secretary General comes from Ismaili Family
  • The Fighter Pilot who not just gave his life for Pakistan, but also went on to fight for Arabs against Israelis in 1967's war and shot down an Israeli Aircraft was a Christian
  • Your Kebab is Behari 
  • Your Biryani is Sindhi
  •  Your Tea is Kashmiri
  •  Your Naan is Afghani
  • Your Guard is Baloch
  • Your Transporter is Pashtun
  • Your Port is in Karachi
  •  Your Industry is Punjabi
  • Your Music is Multani Sufi
  • Your country's beauty lies in Gilgit Baltistan
Yet you have the nerve to say that only Your Religion, Your Sect, Your Province, Your Ethnic group is the best while rest should be thrown out of Pakistan!

Get over such Mentality please!

Note, if any of the Pakistani, or things Paksitani is missed in this, drop in a note to include it to make this truly a "Many faces, one Pakistan"


The good news in the aftermath of Joseph Town tragedy:

The redeeming factor this time around is the arrest of over 100 miscreants, condemnations from Jamaat e Islami and the Punjab Chief Minister. President Zardari finally woke up and talked about restoring Law and order. This is indeed the good news, and must be appreciated,  similar action needs to be taken against the murderers of hundreds of Shia, and harassment of Ahmadiyya, Hindus and other minorities. A nations moves forward when her citizens feel safe and law and order is maintained. Indeed, the hallmark of a civil society is where no Citizens of a nation fears or discriminates the other.

While Law and order brings  the situation under control; it does not put off the fires completely, the dying sparks grow and explode again unless they are addressed.

The Muslim majority is deeply concerned about it. We urge Pakistani Muslim Americans in particular, and Muslims around the world in General to create a fund to rehabilitate the families who have lost their homes, that is the least we can do as repentance.

I do hope that all the political and religious parties condemn when things are wrong and not wait for the opportune time.

Mike Ghouse

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