Monday, September 29, 2014

Pakistani Prime Minister needs to have faith in Pakistan

It is really very simple; leadership with a vision and guts to do it. 

Farooq Khan wrote a note a few days ago, and concluded it with the following statement, "What about our PM? No one will invest in Pakistan unless he brings his own investments back." A perfect solution to bring about prosperity, peace and security.

This was in reference to what PM Modi is doing in the United States; he will bag a whole lot more here in the United States in addition to the $300 Billion from China and Japan. Pakistan can do the same and it does not take much, and I offer the following suggestions.
If Nawaz Shariff can pull investments out of UK and New Zealand, at least half of them and invest in Pakistan, it will give a tremendous boost to the investor confidence. If the Prime Minister believes in Pakistan and puts his money, why wouldn’t others do it? By the way the attendance at his UN speech was Pathetic - this needs to change.

It does not take much to bring prosperity and progress to Pakistan. Here are three things that need to be done in a sequence with time lines;

# 1 – Law and Order

No country will progress without law and order in place. Much of the prosperity in the US is because of Law and Order. Nearly 95% of Americans get justice, as a result, there is the public trust in the society and the system, there is internal peace, people feel safe and secure.

What can Shariff do?   Consult with the police and Army and boldly go on TV and announce that from this day forward, every crime will be punished. No one will get away from murdering people. The moment a bus is pulled over and Shias are shot, or an Ahmadi Doctor is brutally murdered, or a Hindu woman is abducted or an ordinary citizen is harassed or blackmailed,  FIR needs to be registered within 24 hours and the suspects need to be rounded up and go through the system. This needs to be stopped.

Can Pakistani Americans volunteer to monitor the job for 30 days?

# 2 – Infrastructure

 Set up a comprehensive infra-structure for identifying and processing investment opportunities. Let that be an investment from the business community. Give them tax breaks for several years. Announce that Investors should make good profits, which will create x number of jobs and how it multiplies for Pakistan.

Infrastructure includes the following – corruption free processing of permits in a timely manner, utilities supplies and security for the facility.

3 – Investors

Match or Pull Pakistani investments overseas, it starts with the leader, if he has faith in his country, others will follow.

Just a few thoughts.

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